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2008 News Articles

Air hostess picks up chocolate bar, wins space trip
Source: - 07.17.08

Japanese, U.S. Firms Offer Space Weddings
Source: - 07.01.08

Rocketplane Global Flies Solo with Revised Technical Approach
Source: Space News - 03.24.2008

2007 News Articles

Luxuries In Spacen
Source: MSNBC Cosmic Log - 11.02.07

Rocketplane Unveils New Suborbital Vehicle Design
Source: - 10.29.07

Future space travel just got roomier
Source: - 10.28.07

Rocketplane's design unveiled
Source: - 10.27.07

Rocketplane Global Overhauls Suborbital Craft
Source: - 10.26.07

BREAKING NEWS: Rocketplane Global Talks to the Space Fellowship about the New Rocketplane XP configuration
Source: - 10.26.07

X Prize Cup brings outer space to New Mexico
Source: c|net - 10.26.07

New space plane design offers more legroom
Source: news service - 10.26.07

Rocketplane adds seats to spaceship
Source: MSNBC - 10.26.07

2006 News Articles

The New Space Race
Source: Robb Report - 08.01.06

Oklahoma-based Rocket Company Takes a Partner
Source: The Oklahoman - 07.28.06

'Big dollar' signs
Source: Oklahoma Gazette - 07.26.06

Teachers in space, the next generation
Source: - 05.01.06

Rocketplane aims for suborbital launch in July
Source: Flight International - 01.24.06

Source: RocketsAway! Media E-zine Feature - 01.20.06

Dr. David Livingston Interviews John Herrington, Rocketplane and Sam Dinkin, CEO of SpaceShot, Inc.
Source: The Space Show - 01.06.06

2005 News Articles

Rocketplane Makes Parts in Guthrie
Source: The Daily Oklahoman - 12.20.05

Rocketplane's Launch
Source: The Journal Record - 12.02.05

Space Plane Developed from an Ordinary Plane
Source: The Moscow News - 10.12.05

Astronaut Herrington Makes No Bones About It (Part 2)
Source: The Space Review - 10.11.05

Online Game Could Boost You into Space
Source: - 10.09.05

Astronaut Herrington Makes No Bones About It
Source: The Space Review - 10.03.05

Rocketplane Testing Continues at NIAR
Source: R+D Brief - 08.29.05

Rocketplane Shoots for Space Trips by 2007
Source: - 06.24.05

Development of Vehicles for Space Tourism
Source: Hokkaido Times (Japan) - 06.19.05

Space Goes Commercial
Source: Aerospace Engineering - 06.01.05

The post-X Prize hangover
Source: - 05.09.05

2005 Innovator of the Year Profile
Source: The Journal-Record - 04.01.05

Rocket plane venture star (part 3)
Source: - 04.04.05

Rocketplane Conducts Aerodynamics Tests
Source: Aviation Week & Space Technology - 03.28.05

Rocket plane venture star (part 2)
Source: - 03.28.05

Space Plane Developed from Ordinary Plane
Source: The Moscow News - 03.12.05

Rocket plane venture star (part 1)
Source: - 03.21.05

It’s about engineering at Rocketplane
Source: - 03.21.05

Rocketplane XP Refining Design
Source: The Oklahoman - 02.28.05

Mit dem Spaceplane XP ins All
Source: (Germany) Note: German text - 02.26.05

Have Spaceplane Will Travel
Source: (Japan) Note: Japanese Text - 02.25.05

Have Spaceplane Will Travel
Source: - 02.24.05

Have Spaceplane Will Travel
Source: - 02.24.05