Business Strategy

Rocketplane has recognized that industry is dramatically different today with easy and full access to people and resources in different locations through the internet. A large company of experts is less effective today than a distributed organization working closely with experts in smaller, more focused groups, often in different cities and different countries. We no longer have our own manufacturing facilities - a dramatic savings of cash flow and a vast improvement in efficiency. Instead we are using the established facilities of many companies specialized in various aspects of manufacturing a supersonic airplane and rockets. This gives us full control, with the experts and facilities available when and as needed at minimal cost and maximum productivity.

Our team of engineers include the original master designers, Mitchell Burnside Clapp and Dan Raymer, and additional engineers supporting them. But they are also working on a distributed management basis - contracting companies as needed for specific tasks. Our original team are available and ready to build the vehicles - but are generally working with other companies also.

Our vehicles are designed with high reusability, fast turnaround, and flexibility in mind and can serve both military and commercial applications. This enables the creation of multiple revenue streams from a single development effort and allows our government to benefit from the cost savings of a streamlined commercial operation and allows our commercial customers to benefit from the best in new technologies.

From an array of opportunities, Rocketplane has targeted small satellites needing rapid deployment, and the space adventure tourism market. Our XP space tourism rocketplane is recognized to be the simplest and preferred design. Our XS design is the only reusable rocket designed to fly on a few hours notice, from any large commercial airport or spaceport, with standard ground handling facilities. With in-air-refueling, we can fly the XS rocketplane anywhere in the world. This allows us to load and deliver satellites from any country! The injected payload ranges from 1500 kg to 3000 kg, depending on the desired orbit. We can supply the Space Station with emergency supplies in a few days from the request to launch.