Stage 1: Aeromedical Module

The Aeromedical Module was developed through State and Federal Agency cooperation. Learn about aviation physiology, flight trajectory, and take part in simulations, including the altitude/hypoxia chamber, a spatial disorientation simulation and a smoke chamber simulation.

Then, enjoy breathtaking views of Oklahoma City while enjoying lunch at an upscale club. End the day in Burns Flat where lodging is near the Spaceport.


Stage 2: Spaceport Module

Prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime! Tour the XP Spaceplane, the Spaceport, and Mission Control at the OSIDA facility. Study the development, maintenance, and flight coordination of the vehicle. Meet the flight crew and ground crew for your spaceflight. Study spaceflight information, flight procedures, and related exercises each morning. Train in the afternoons through preparation exercises and simulations as you prepare for your own spaceflight.


Stage 3: Sub-Orbital Flight

Share an astronaut breakfast with your flight team at Spaceport at 6:45 am. Afterward, begin final preparation for Spaceflight. You will attend the mandatory safety briefing with your flight crew prior to boarding the XP Spaceplane. Go through the vehicle to conduct the final safety checklist, thenů


Fly to 330,000 feet experiencing the sensation of weightlessness and experience the ride of your life!